Press Release

AppsNmobile which focus is to help companies deliver superior value to their customers in terms is software develop, mobile applications and business intelligence solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity has signed a long term contract with Eastern  Region Music Awards.

AppsNmobile has developed a number of secure payment platforms that can be tailored to suit the needs of the clients.

However, it has been confirmed that the Giant Tehnology AppsNmobile to take over voting process this year’s award to 2023.

The Management of Hi5 Empire and the Planning Committees of Eastern music award nominees jams for the 10 November, 2018 have been postponed to 24, November.

The decision was taken after realizing that the initial date for the nominees jams coincides with this years Suhum Odwira festival

Also, the Committee said two weeks interval has been considered prudent because many of the nominees will also celebrate the festival and will therefore need to have an ample respite period to go into the jams

However, the Management together with the Hi5 Epire planning committee of the award at this juncture wish to apologize to the nominees and the general public for any inconvenience caused.